How to Attach Your Photograph
First, apply a strip of tape to the back
of your photograph along the top edge
so that half the tape's width extends
beyond the photograph, as shown in
the close-up example to the left.
That's all there is to complete your very
own personalized Evergreen Keepsake!

It is now ready to be displayed and admired!

Your keepsake is now ready for framing!
Place the backer board provided behind
the keepsake and insert both the keepsake
and the backer board into the frame.

If you use a liquid to clean the
frame, make sure that the glass (or acrylic)
is completely dry before framing as any
residue may harm your keepsake.
An example of a finished 8" x 10"
Animal Friends personalized
keepsake with a cut-out area
to attach a photograph.
Using a plain white tissue
(containing no added fragrance
or lotion),
or a small piece of white
paper to act as a barrier between
your fingers and the keepsake,
gently apply enough pressure to
the top of the cut-out area to
adhere the tape.

Carefully turn the keepsake over
and make sure that the photograph
is firmly secured to the back of
the keepsake.
Next, while holding the keepsake
gently by the edges, slowly lower
it over the photograph until the photograph is properly aligned
within the cut-out area. Once you
are satisfied with the positioning,
allow the keepsake to come into
contact with the tape.
IMPORTANT: Handle the keepsake by the edges after removing it from the clear protective
sleeve. This will help to prevent oil from your skin from damaging the surface of the keepsake.
Also, do not allow any liquid to come into contact with the keepsake.

You will need a piece of tape a little longer than the top edge of your photograph. We recommend
taping only across the top of the photograph as taping all four sides will not allow the photograph
to expand and contract during changes in temperature and humidity. Any tape will work, but we
suggest using white, archival linen tape for best long-term performance. Archival linen tape is
available at most art supply stores and online.